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eFax is a online fax service that was created in the early 90's. eFax currently has the largest base of online fax subscribers. The company is estimated in having over 1,200,000 paying subscribers.

Unique Fax Number - When you sign up with eFax, you get a unique fax number. You can either choose a toll free number or a local number. This special number acts like a fax number and no one can tell the difference.

Receive Faxes By Email - With eFax, you can send and receive faxes by your email account. All you need to have is a connection the the internet. With eFax, you can be completely mobile. If you have a device that can connect to the internet, you can start sending and receiving faxes. An online fax service is great to have when you are on business trips.

Store Faxes Up To 2 Years - With eFax, all of your faxes gets stored up to 2 full years. This way, you have all of your information located in one centralized location. If you want to archive your files, the process is easy. You can also convert your faxes into many different formats.

Private and Secure - With eFax, since you get all of your faxes to your email account. You get the privacy that a fax machine cant provide. Your faxes will only get seen by your eyes, it wont be laying around of top of a fax machine. Your faxes is also secure as well. When your fax is transmitted, it will be encrypted to your protection. When your fax gets received, it will be re-encrypted again so that it can be read. Your online fax account with be protect with SSL.

Customer Support - When you sign with eFax, you get great customer support. You have access to 24/7 customer support. You can also contact eFax by phone, internet or email.

Features eFax Features

eFax Features eFax
Unique Fax Number
Online Fax Storage For 2 Years
Receive Faxes From Anywhere
Send Your Faxes By Email
Get Voicemail From Your Unique Fax Number
Get Faxes When Computers Off
No Hardware Required
No Extra Phone Line Required

Price eFax Price

eFax Pricing Price
30 Day Free Trial  
eFax - Plus  
Monthly Price(If Paid Monthly) $16.95
Monthly Price(If Paid Annually) $14.13
eFax - Pro  
Monthly Price(If Paid Monthly) $19.95
Monthly Price(If Paid Annually) $18.34

Customer Support eFax Customer Support

eFax Customer Support Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support Available  
Phone Support Available  
Email Support Available

Ease of Use eFax - Ease of Use

eFax Ease of Use Ease of Use
Easy To Use

Security eFax - Security
eFax - Security Secure
Reliable, Safe, & Secure?

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