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There is many cost savings involved when you use electronic fax. Using a tradition old fax machine takes up valuable office space and needs regular maintenance to run properly. When you switch to electronic fax, you will be saving a lot of money because you can get rid of the dedicated phone line that your old fax machine needed. With electronic fax, you don't need to have a dedicated phone line. Only a connection to the internet and an email address.

No Fax Machine or Equipment needed - With electronic fax, no extra equipment is needed. Everything is accessible if you have a connection to the internet and a email address. You will save valuable office space, and money because you will be saving on ink and toner.

Sign Faxes Electronically - With electronic fax, you have the ability to sign faxes electronically. How is this possible? Well, the first thing you need to do is to get a copy of your signature. The way you do this is by getting a bitmap copy of your signature. You can fax a piece of paper to yourself containing your signature. Once the signature is saved, you can use it like a stamp and put it into all of your electronic faxes is you want.

Send Faxes To Multiple People At Once - With a old traditional fax machine, you have to send faxes one by one and there may be busy signals that can the process drag. With electronic fax, you can fax up to five people at the same time. When you are faxing people, you can still receive faxes as well. You get no busy signals with electronic fax and no waiting.

Send faxes to any fax machine - With virtual fax, you can send faxes to any fax machine. When you send a fax and the recipient has a fax machine, it gets send like a regular fax. If the recipient is using electronic fax as well, then they receive the fax like an email. They wont be able to tell if you are using virtual fax or not.

Stores faxes for up to a year - When you use electronic fax, most electronic fax providers let you store your faxes up to 2 year. If make the process of archiving easier and there is less office clutter. If need a hard copy of your faxes, you can convert it to over 3 dozen file formats and save them on your computer.

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RingCentral Electronic Fax Features RingCentral Electronic Fax
toll free number or local number
Send & receive fax by email
Send & receive faxes from any application
Get alerts about new faxes from your cell phone
Block all junk faxes
Sign & Edit Faxes Electronically
Receive faxes even if your computer is off
No Special Modem Required
No Extra Phone Line Required

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RingCentral Electronic Fax Customer Support
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