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MetroFax is the best online fax service to use is you are a heavy faxer. Most online fax providers give you 300 free inbound and outbound fax pages every month. Metrofax give you over 3 times that amount. They provide you with 1,000 free fax pages every month. That is a great deal and MetroFax only costs $12.95 a month. For heavy faxer, you cant get a better deal than that. MetroFax also has a very easy online fax interface to use.

MetroFax doesn't come with a free trial but their second month is free. They also have a setup fee of $9.99.

Cost Effective - For heavy faxers, you wont get a better online fax service than MetroFax. Most online fax providers give you 300 free inbound and out bound fax pages. With Metrofax, you get 1,000 free inbound and outbound pages for only $12.95 a month. Other services like RingCentral, MyFax, eFax, and RapidFax have higher plans in which you can have 1,000 fax pages. But the difference is that if you are a heavy faxer, they are considerably more expensive compared to MetroFax.

Email Based - With MetroFax, you get faxes directly to your email as file attachment. Not only is it convenient, but you are also saving money. Online fax services are much cheap than having a conventional fax machine. You don't need to have a dedicated phone line or any equipment. Every thing is complete mobile. All you need to have is a connection to the internet to use online fax.

Always On - With Metrofax, you can always receive your faxes even when your computer is off. Their online fax console is on 24/7 so that you can send out faxes on any time of the day.

Organization - With Metrofax, all of your faxes is organized into one central location. It is easy to keep track of your faxes and your contacts. The process of archiving is easy since your faxes are stored for a year. You can also convert your faxes into many different file formats.

Features MetroFax Features

MetroFax Features MetroFax
Pick a Fax Number
Receive Faxes Directly To Your Email
Fax From Anywhere
Manage Your Contacts From One System
Compatible With Any Fax Machine
Get Faxes When Computers Off
No Hardware Required
No Extra Phone Line Required

Price MetroFax Price

MetroFax Pricing Price
30 Day Free Trial No
MetroFax - Individual  
Monthly Price $12.95

Customer Support MetroFax Customer Support

MetroFax Customer Support Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support Available  
Phone Support Available  
Email Support Available

Ease of Use MetroFax - Ease of Use

MetroFax Ease of Use Ease of Use
Easy To Use

Security MetroFax - Security
MetroFax - Security Secure
Reliable, Safe, & Secure?