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In the field of online faxing, MyFax is currently the fastest growing online faxing company in the United States. They are signing over 15,000 new subscribers every month. MyFax services many people small businesses, medium size businesses, and large businesses. With MyFax, you can start receiving faxes from your email account. MyFax also services other areas in North America, Europe, and the UK.

Set Up Your Account - With MyFax, the process of setting up your account is very simple. You can choose either to have a toll free number or a local number. This number will act like your fax number. MyFax offers you with true mobility. You can easily fax on the go. All you need to have is a connection to the internet and a email address.

Send Multiple Documents at once - With MyFax, you can send up to 8 multiple documents at one time. MyFax also supports over 178 different formats. The most popular formats being TIFF & PDF.

Will My Faxes Always Send - Whenever you use a online fax service, unlike a fax machine, you wont be getting any busy signals. Your faxes will send out every time. MyFax is always on. You can even receive faxes when your computer is off.

Features MyFax Features

MyFax Features My Fax
Select a Local Number or a Toll Free Number
Receive Your Faxes By Email
Fax From The Web
Manage Faxes From One Central Location
Manage Contacts From One Central Location
Get Alerts
Get Faxes When Computers Off
No Hardware Required
No Extra Phone Line Required

Price MyFax Price

MyFax Pricing Price
30 Day Free Trial  
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Price Per Month $10.00
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Price Per Month $20.00
MyFax - Fax More  
Price Per Month $40.00

Customer Support MyFax Customer Support star star star star

MyFax Customer Support Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support Available  
Phone Support Available  
Email Support Available

Ease of Use MyFax - Ease of Use

MyFax Ease of Use Ease of Use
Easy To Use

Security MyFax - Security
MyFax - Security Secure
Reliable, Safe, & Secure?

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