Private Policy

Welcome to This page was made because your privacy is very important to use. We created this private policy to help you understand and navigate this website. With this private policy, you will understand why we are here, what information we obtain, and cookies.

Information Collected

We do collection information on this website. The information about this website that we collect are data statistics. Information such as how many visitors, were most of the traffic is coming from and the time of day. The information that we collect is anonymous. We cant identify you by the information. We use this information so that int eh future, we can provide a better service.


We do use cookies on this website. Cookies is used by pretty much every website. The reason why we use cookies is so that we can identify you versus other people. Cookies are only used when you press on the free trial button. Otherwise, they are not used.

Third Party Partners

We partnered with other third party partners so that we can provide a fuller experience.

Policy Changes

We cant guarantee that this private policy will remain the same in the future. If there are changes in the future, you recommend that you come back and navigate this private policy again.