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RapidFax is a good fax service for small businesses. Within RapidFax's plan, you can setup two users. So that is 2 email addresses set up to receive faxes by visiting this website . Other online fax providers offer between 4 to 6 users in their basic plan. RapidFax offers 300 free inbound and outbound pages every month.

Toll Free Number or Local Number - When you sign up for RaipdFax, you can pick either a toll free number or a local number. This number will act like a fax number and no one will be able to tell the difference. When someone sends you a fax while using this number, the fax will appear like a email attachment. You can send and receive faxes easily with online fax. It it has many features that a tradition fax machine lacks and it offers brand new features to boot.

No Busy Signals - With RapidFax, you will never get a busy signal again. With a online fax solution, there is no hardware or software to download. You can access your online fax account with just about any device. So with RapidFax, you are truley mobile. It is great to have when you are on business trips. No more having to find a Kinko's to locate a fax machine when all you need to have is access to a computer.

Features RapidFax Features

RapidFax Features RapidFax
Choose a Toll Free Number or a Local Number
Receive Faxes Directly To Your Email
Fax From Anywhere
Manage Your Contacts From One Single System
Compatible With Any Fax Machine
Get Faxes When Computers Off
No Expensive Hardware Required
No Extra Phone Line Needed

Price RapidFax Price

RapidFax Pricing Price
30 Day Free Trial Yes
Monthly Price $9.95

Customer Support RapidFax Customer Support

RapidFax Customer Support Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support Available  
Phone Support Available  
Email Support Available

Ease of Use RapidFax - Ease of Use

RapidFax Ease of Use Ease of Use
Easy To Use

Security RapidFax - Security
RapidFax - Security Secure
Reliable, Safe, & Secure?

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